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Ventecon Network Mining

Ventecon’s technology Network Mining enables the intelligent design and evaluation of business models combining human and artificial intelligence.


Combine market data continuously

Gain 360-degree market view

Identifiy threats and opportunities

Design effective business strategies

Innovate with us and join our co-innovation program. Are you a strategy consultant or new business developer? Join to get early access, ensure that our solution is tailored to fit your specific company needs and leverage the power of Ventecon Network Mining to create business strategies that skyrocket your venture.

In the AI marketplace project, we combine our competencies, model the AI market using Ventecon's software and enrich the model with market data and expert opinions. The insights gained from the analysis flow directly into the business model development of the AI marketplace and set the guidelines for the strategic positioning of the platform.

Katrin Menke

Consultant, UNITY AG

Ventecon Network Mining: Journey towards the best business strategy

Identifying business cases and deriving a sustainable business model is very hard, time-consuming, explorative and risky in our interconnected economy. Decisions often are based on old incomplete data that needs to be consolidated manually, done ad-hoc with a subjective bias and use varying standards that miss an approach to evaluate business models.


Your journey as a business strategist will involve searching for and gathering a lot of information about the market and your company itself. You are going to scan market reports, industry services, interviews, crm-systems, excel files, market signals, news and much more in order to gain a 360-degree view of the market, its roles, actors and semantic links.  Streamlining and integrating data of various sources is a difficult task, just to point out the volume, variety and speed of new information as well as stakeholder alignment. Network Mining thus provides collaborative data management capabilities for business strategists, not only do we provide own data pools for market information, but you can also leverage a strong plugin system to integrate market data from various sources continuously and create a market knowledge graph. We do so by defining an extensible, multidimensional ontology. The output is a value network coupled with a business network of a market segment.


After having consolidated information about the roles and actors on the market, you need to gain a solid understanding of the market structures and dynamics. Current approaches include the „gut feeling“ of doing so and using it as a basis for decision making. We believe that it is not wrong to have a strong intuition and to use it, but we would like to enhance and challenge your intuition with our intelligent valuation that quantifies more than 16 dimensions of the market, micro and macro. On the basis of this valuation, you will gain strong quantified insights about value and information flows in the market. In our visual analytics cockpit, you start exploring all dimensions using drill-up and drill-down features, tracing capabilities of value and information, identifying profit pools and compare different metrics against each other. This is the explorative part of Network Mining backed up by a strong foundation and quantification of market data.

MINING: Business Cases

Remember what our initial goal was? Right, we need to identify high valuable business cases and derive sustainable business models. And not just one, but we need to evaluate a lot of them and create a traceable, well-founded report. We now got a solid understanding of the market, its roles, actors and semantic links between them as well as quantified dimensions. Our artificial intelligence uses all this information to identify and evaluate hundreds of positioning scenarios on the market and identify new potential roles and links that will lead to a great business case. In order to leverage your intuition, we provide a configuration mask so you can specify boundary conditions and tune the AI to fit your business model requirements. Within a few minutes, instead of weeks or months, you see results that will skyrocket your venture. Every computed scenario has a score and information about partners, capabilities, value proposition, channels, customers, financial streams and more. It even shows how you would approach that business case and build your business model.

New business developer / business strategist

As a business strategist, you will analyze markets, customers and competitors in order to develop new business strategies for a sustainable corporate alignment. Ventecon Network Mining supports you in your activities, uncovers trends and improves the competitiveness of your company.

strategy consultants

As a strategy consultant in the consulting field of Business Development & Innovation you support your customers in the realignment of their companies. Ventecon Network Mining increases the success of your projects and helps you to meet the wishes and needs of your customers.

Core Team of Ventecon

Below from left to right: Florian Kienzle, Patrick Beckedorf, Marvin Wiest;
Top from left to right: Markus Lau, Prof. Dr. Jan Seedorf (Photo: CyberLab)

Patrick Beckedorf: Product Development (LinkedIn)

Markus Lau: Product Consultancy (LinkedIn)

Marvin Wiest: New Business Development (LinkedIn)

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