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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

It is as simple as that – we want you to succeed. We are advocates of network science, open innovation and systems thinking. Our vision is to enable people and organizations all over the world unlocking and leveraging the power of their value networks to make a positive impact in the world.

What is Network Mining?

Network Mining is Ventecon’s cutting-edge technology and method that is implemented in the tool, leveraging the power of intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence. In a short sense it enables you to sustainably map, discover, compare and optimize different states of a value network.

How do I get started?

The fastest way to get started is to contact us, so we can walk you through the options. If you are new to the network centric approach within added value or value networks as a whole, a workshop might be the best solution to start with. In the workshop, you will learn about value networks as well as how the tool accompanies your business transformation. Afterwards, you know enough about our methods and tools to fully integrate them. If you already feel comfortable with the topic, you might integrate directly, we also provide a live demo of the product on-site or online and expert support. It depends on where you stand, we provide expertise in a lot of topics regarding value network analytics and business model innovation.

Does require any software installation?

No, not necessarily. is provided as a Software-as-a-Service in our cloud. The client is browser-based and doesn’t require any additional software installation. Yet, if you wish, we offer automated on-premise installations.

Is this only for big companies?

No, the smallest team we have worked with consisted of four people, as even startups or small teams can profit a lot when aligning business models with value networks.

What is a value network?

A value network is any set of roles and interactions that generates a specific kind of business, economic, or social good or outcome through dynamic exchanges of tangible and intangible value. This takes place on different intra- and interorganizational layers, like organizational networks as well as complete business- and innovation ecosystems, in which a holistic understanding is crucial for success.

What is is an easy-to-use, intuitive management SaaS that provides the interface to our cutting-edge technology and method Network Mining. Thanks to, deep insights of complex value networks can be integrated into strategic planning. The software runs on laptops, tablets and even smartphones, on-premise or in the cloud.

I'm a consultant, can I use

Yes! is used by management consultants, as well as other stakeholders like business developers, portfolio managers and academics. If you want to include in your offerings just get in touch with us. You can improve the added value for your customers by reducing costs, time and subjective bias, leveraging the power of networks.

Is my data safe with you? Where do you store it?

Yes. Ethical behavior and data privacy run in our veins. All our servers are located in the European Union, mostly Germany. You can even decide to run our tools within your environment, as no internet is required for their use.

What are the costs?

Simply purchase a license and optionally extend it with Add-ons from the areas of enterprise mining and -security. We also provide enterprise operations and training. Please check out our Pricing page to enable the best ROI for your case.

"In today’s world of exponential change, organisations that get too comfortable with the status quo are at major risk of disruption. If you’re not experimenting and, as a director, if you’re not asking questions about how your organisation is navigating and plugging into disruption, forming new ecosystems, and tapping into open markets, then your organisation is at risk."

– Andrew Vaz | Global Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte

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